Friday, March 4, 2016

Experience endangered species up close and personal with Jim Kavanagh from Tiger World.

Please tell us about yourself? 

I'm a passionate conservationist who's biggest dream is that the world wakes up and realizes what's it's doing to the planets resources and wildlife. 
My particular focus is the Plight of the Big Cats and genocide that is happening to every species right now, as we talk.

What is it that you do?  

I have owned a small construction firm in NYC for the last 30 years.
I have used this influence to educate people and raise money on a corporate level for a number of my conservation efforts. 

Wow. I am impressed. How did you get started?    

As a young Boy I was touched by the movie "Born Free". I always knew that my life will include making an effort to slow down this extinction level annihilation of the Big Cats. 
It's a passion and a love.. I cry everyday over the cruelty ....These animals have no voice... I want to be a voice for them. 

I do love your passion Jim. What do you want people to learn from you?

That even a little effort or contribution makes a difference. 
To do something is better then to do nothing. 
Educate people and bring awareness.

I’ve really wanted to ask you this…how are you able to get so close to all those big cats?     


Good judgement, safety first, and I adore them... They feel that.. They feel pure sincerity.. Trust me they know..

Every culture throughout history, all over the globe have idolized every Big Cat species. Although they are the worlds largest land predators they have incredible abilities.. That are magical.

They heal me as I try to heal them.. I can't really put into words..    
You are doing a pretty good job of it here. What is your secret to warming up to the animals?

It takes time... They really have to warm up to me... I just keep throwing love at them.. Some hard cases we have saved .. I just sit and read out loud to them.. Form a bond .. A trust.                                  

Have you ever had a close call?

I have learned a few lessons and carry a number of scars to remind me.

Please tell us about a couple of your favorite animals?

I always grew up loving Tigers.

As I settled down and raised 4 boys I got really into the Pride structure of Lions and how loving they are and how dedicated they are to the pride.

In the last year we brought over from South Africa a four year old white Male. His Name is Michael and I've known him since he was a Cub. A true recessive gene carrier. Both of his parents are Brown. I mention this because there is unethical breeding practices that produce these animals for Canned hunting. Another sick and barbaric hunting method that all too many people engage in.

Makes me so sad to hear about that. Though it needs to get out in the open. Thank you for educating us.

Do you have a funny stories?

Just recently I put in some time at a local animal shelter. Domestic animals. And this wonderful woman who runs the place kept reminding me to be careful around the cats. "They have Claws Jim"... Hehehehe.

I humbly listened to her all day constantly remind me. At the end of the day she thanked me and said, "Your a natural. Thank you for the help, you must have done this before"... Well then I broke out a few pictures and left her with her mouth open and Jaw on the floor.. She was amazed. Hehehe.

I love that! What is one thing you would like see changed?

Global protection, harsher laws. 

So much... Pain... If we could all see this pain, changes would be made... Few care.... Economic development is more important to our world. The animals and all wildlife and resources are a small sacrifice for greed. 

Do you think you get along with the animals more than people?

Yes and No... We need people to make changes so I need to be the voice for the animals... But I never met a Cat I don't love... I can't say the same for people.

I get that! What is one thing that you learned from the animals? 

You can't believe how loving they are. That these magnificent massive cats can be as loving as a house cat. 

They are magical... Honestly! 

I have not truly found the right words to describe them.

I have learned that I can't give up! That I need to do more!

And yet, I give you so much credit for what you are doing. Thank goodness for people like you!  Please tell us about Tiger world. 

Tiger World Endangered Wildlife preserve promotes conservation through education. Tiger World saves animals. Check us out

How can people get involved?

Volunteer.  We have "onsite" and "offsite" volunteer opportunities.
Get involved. Donate, it doesn't cost much to help.
Stay committed.

Any parting words?

I searched when I was a kid to figure how to get involved and in 1985 an idol of mine was killed for what she believed in. Dian Fossey. She was my inspiration for commitment to wildlife.

Dian was called one of the foremost primatologists in the world while she was alive. A true conservationist.

She gave her life for what she believed in. 

I would like to part with the final words she wrote in her journal.

"When you realize the value of all life, you dwell less on what is past and concentrate more on the preservation of the future.”

Thank you.

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